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Monday, January 11, 2010

Why Go Solar?

Gary Villalobos, your energy educator, has helped hundreds of California homeowners save on their energy bill over the last 5 plus years. "The sun is waiting to turn your roof into its own miniature electrical power plant," states Villalobos. "Using solar energy to power your home or business not only lowers your electric costs over time, but also generates electricity for free".
Villalobos points out that solar does not require any ongoing cost for the power it generates, as solar radiation is free everywhere. Once installed there are no recurring costs. It offers much more self reliance than depending upon a power utility for all your electricity needs. It is quite economical in the long run. After the initial investment has been recovered, the energy from the sun is practically free.

Solar systems are virtually maintenance free and will last for decades. They are not affected by the supply and demand of fuel and is therefore not subjected to the ever increasing price of fossil fuel or electricity. Solar Energy can be utilized to offset utility supplied energy consumption. It does not only reduce but can also eliminate your electrical bill. They operate silently, have no moving parts, do not release offensive smells and do not require you to add any fuel. And lastly you can add more solar panels easily in the future when your family's needs grow.

"Installing solar power is the right thing to do -- for our community, for the environment. That is why we have installed solar on our offices and agricultural fields. To be leaders in our community, you must lead by example. We want our commitment to the environment to be reflected and replicated throughout our community."
--- Blake Davis, Agriland Farming